A CSR platform to assess and facilitate your CSR data collection , adapted to VSEs, SMEs, ETIs and GEs in your company and / or your suppliers.

Your CSR reports for companies / suppliers Automatically generated!

Local and international CSR assessments / For companies or suppliers, subcontractors ...

Highly experienced analysts

International evaluations

Multi-sectoral evaluations

Personalized service

Continuous monitoring of indicators

A focus on materiality

Taking n-1 results into account

800+ Detailed industry specific criteria

A transparent rating process

Harmonized ratings

Since March 2020, Fairmakers has been part of the TechforGood association family, providing high quality solutions for sustainable and responsible investment and corporate governance.

Originally founded in 2018, the company has already deployed in several countries in Asia, Europe and the Maghreb. Companies are generally assessed within three months.

In addition, each business valuation is reviewed on an annual basis. A global dialogue with each company is carried out every two years.


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