Measure your CSR/ESG assessment

annually or continuously! 

Reliable and transparent CSR data.

A collection of continuous indicators of  the company and value chain for suppliers & subcontractors ranks 1, 2, 3...

Generate your automated CSR report 

in Real Time! 

How it works ?

Putting the human at the center of the CSR assessment approach. An  inclusive evaluation of employees

Save up to 90% and pool your CSR assessments with your  partners.

Continuously collect and improve  your impact. Truly representative  data.

How it works ?

Provide general information about you  company.


If your company has already been invited to  participate in a Fairmakers assessment, you must  click the link in the invitation email to register your business.


Step 1

Our tools

Suppliers  Benchmarking

The risk mapping tool identifies  risk levels by activity sectors  according to geographic area.

Risk  Mapping

The risk mapping tool identifies  risk levels by activity sectors  according to geographic area.

Automated CSR  reporting updated in  real time.

Optimum CSR management.  Continuously updated monitoring of  CSR indicators for your entire  company and your suppliers and co-  contractors of tier 1, tier 2...

Ongoing risk  alerts

and action plans

Plan, monitor, improve and measure  the impact of your social and  environmental engagement initiatives.  Continuous cooperation with your  suppliers.

Automated CSR report

Generate your CSR report in real time. Invite your suppliers and subcontractors to follow there CSR indicators. The CSR report gathers CSR data of all your value chain.

Materiality  matrix

Real-time mapping of your direct and  indirect risks to your business and  suppliers. Continuous collection for  optimum monitoring.

Integrated CSR management

More collected data, more reliability of information. Better  management of your impact.
Available on Premium pack

Reliable and relevant data:

90 times  more qualitative than spot  evaluations, integrating continuous  evaluation on the Premium pack.

A specific CSR materiality :

a matrix of indicators consistent  with your business vision. A specific survey related to your company size, country and sector activity. 

A matrix for managing major and secondary impacts

to facilitate your extra-financial reporting (GRI, ODD Global  compact UN, ISO 26000...)

Our offers


CSR Diagnosis

Available in English & French*

A quick vision to identify your areas for improvement in terms of CSR and invite your suppliers and stakeholders to join the platform to identify your indirect impacts.




Yearly CSR Evaluation*

Local & International include*

Do you want to evaluate your company once a year or do you want to invite your suppliers to be evaluated as part of calls for tenders or sourcing to check their performance?


Subscribe to the ESSENTIAL offer to evaluate yourself annually and invite your suppliers.

Starting from 99€/month



Employee-Centric CSR


CSR Evaluation*

Local & international include*

Do you want to evaluate your company more than once a year ? Do you want to involve employees into CSR evaluations ? And do you want to invite and track suppliers ESG performance from 2 to 12 times a year and protect your brand reputation? 


Subscribe to the PREMIUM offer to apply a CSR Employee-Centric strategy and collect continuously CSR data and indicators. Invite your suppliers and get more than 90 more representative data than the ESSENTIAL pack. Apply for Transparency. 

Starting from 199€/month



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