Truly representative ongoing  CSR assessment 

Up to 90 times more data than a yearly classic evaluation.  Depending on your level of requirement for CSR  management of your sites or those of your suppliers, opt  for yearly or monthly continuous CSR evaluation(s). 

Save and pool your CSR assessments  with your partners, suppliers and subcontractors

An offer of pooling and sharing of results without limitations. A saving of 95% of procurement departments compared to internal self-assessment  programs.

Invite your suppliers to join the platform.

Putting the human at center of the  CSR assessment approach

Protect the human and the environment, through the  accountability of all stakeholders in an approach of ongoing  cooperation. Today, less than 1% of employees are involved  in evaluations, which is a bias in the data collected. An "Employee-Centric" CSR evaluation on Premium Pack. 

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